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Inn / Bombinhas

Known as the ecological scuba-diving capital, Bombinhas is neighbour to Arvoredo´s Biological Marine Protected Reservation, outstanding as one of country´s the best areas for diving practices.

Culturally, Bombinhas has Azores heritage. Old habits like fishing tainha (local product), artisanal mandioca´s flour production, sugar and syrup cane are still preserved. Seafood specialities, the hospitable style of its people and local craftsmanship make the tourist feel himself at home and wish a soon return.

Bombinhas, together with Porto Belo and Itapema, constitutes Santa Catarina´s Emerald Coast, a region 
where its grand vocation is tourism.

Bombinhas, old pirates paradise, is the far end of a peninsula, whose fractured coastline, has island characters, surrounded by beaches, rocky coast and the Mata Atlântica´s exuberance.

Take a deep breath. Feel the pleasure of peacefulness, the greenness of the sea. Have your summer holydays in Bombinhas - 100% natural. 

Arvoredo´s Biological Marine Reservation

It has a 17,800 ha area, protected by federal law and controlled by Ibama. A preserved ecosystem where innumerable sea bird species, like Gaviotão and Fragata, have their reproductive cycle on the rocky coastlines, while nature flourishes in the sea bed.

Galés, Arvoredo and Deserta islands, jointly with Pedra Nocetti and Calhau de São Pedro are part of the reservation.

Galés island is the nearer one to the coast, 7 km, and Arvoredo is the biggest and is 30 km away, with part of itself outside the reserve area.

It is considered one of the country´s best diving locations, with as far as a 25 m visibility and a rich marine fauna favoured by the meeting of Malvinas and Brasil sea currents.


Bombinhas is the perfect place for ecotourism practice. Municipal parks like Morro do Macaco and Galheta have a special scenario for nature sports.

Diving, trekking, surf, mountain biking, fishing, horse riding, 4x4 drives, sailing and radical sports are offered by tourism companies.


Cristal waters beaches, exuberant marine life and mysterious ship wreckages found around, made Bombinhas an international meeting point for diving followers. Divers may still find the Lili tow ship that sunk near Galés island.

There are several diving schools who rent equipments, promote courses and baptisms (to dive without previous experience).

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